Do you remember Jimmy Chansa the man who made so many Nairobi babes want to e Vera Sidika?

They dated right after she broke up with Otile Brown 

Jimmy Chansa has for the first time opened up about his relationship when he was with socialite Vera Sidika.

Speaking to Simulizi na Sauti he did the exact opposite of what Vera did. He praised her describing her as a charming person.

“It was love, just like any other relationship. the person I was with was a socialite already and that's why our relationship was public. Social media pressure was normal but what made me stick with her was her good and loving personality. she is smart. I do not regret it. It was good as it lasted.” Jimmy said

Daktari Chansa is a very lowkey kind of guy and we only got to know about him because he was dating a socialite. And all of this, he had no problem with.

“Once you are a socialite, social media is your business but she is real, she doesn’t fake anything. I’m proud of that. I am happy if she is happy.”