Someone said that Kenyans no longer walk around with their original hearts, but carry around the photocopies with them.

This is to avoid being heartbroken and it has in return made them immune to stress.

Dissecting this, Kamene and Jalas wanted to know how long Kenyans take to replace their lovers before moving on to the next person.

A concerned Jalang'o noted,

"Relationships ni kama kiti ya matanga ukiamka mwingine anaketi. Everybody is waiting for that empty chair and we are equating that to love.

Sikuhizi there's no time to learn from your mistakes? You just jump to the next relationship."

He insisted on the need to learn from your relationship before moving on.

Kamene says when her marriage ended, she had someone already hitting on her and even though nothing happened, she learnt to keep her heart open.

"When my marriage ended I called hypnotic and he told me he is not here for the tears and told me he had a gig and while I was there, someone had already approached me. What I mean is you need to open up and stay ready." She said.

Check out some of the reactions from listeners who left the presenters shocked with how long they were replaced or replaced their exes.

Sandra : Two hours! He told me he's going to take me out for breakfast and when I called him another chilleh picked the phone. Now I'm single and back in the game.

Another caller said; M replacement is about an hour mtu akianza kuleta ujinga unamuonesha wewe ndio unaweza. You know I'm beautiful so nikienda hapo nje sitakosa mtu

Mareh Vincy: I was replaced in One week😂😂😂😂😂

Ken Bazenge: Talking of being replaced ama anaendelea na ule alikucheza naye