Do you pray first before you enter into a relationship? Is your relationship based on prayer? Those were Kamene and Jalas' million dollar questions today.

The two highlighted the need to always dedicate your partner and your relationship to God in prayer, for a smooth ride.

That way, God will guide you, direct your steps as well as protect your relationship from external forces.

"This is a humble appeal and a request, at least ukiingia kwa relationship at least iombee." Jalang'o said.

Do you even pray for your relationship? Do you even tell God, father God I have seen this son of a gun, my heart has fallen for this guy, father God lead my steps show me the way be my guidance and protect me

Kamene believes that the way Nairobi is set up people ought to pray for their relationships, before they find themselves involved with the devil.

One listener said that praying for campus relationships is equivalent to wasting God's time.

Below are some of the reactions this conversation elicited;

Omwami: Kenyan relationships, kwanza hizi za Campo, praying for them ni kusumbua Mungu tu

Maru: Am blessed to have a prayerful partner

Zephaniah: I can't even recall how many times because it isn't part of me

Omodho:Almost everyday imagine!!