While many people are up wishing that you fail in everything that you do, Jalang'o wants you to pray for their come up.

He is advising those people to try and pray and want to learn from those people so that they can succeed together.

"You wait on my downfall I am wishing and praying for your come up, we are not the same." Jalang'o said.

Adding that,

Each and every single day people are praying that you fail.They don’t know it is hard work, all the time you are putting but all you are wishing is that they come and feel how lonely it is up there since you are lonely.

How I wish you could want to come up where people are and not wishing that they come down where you are."

Echoing his wise words, Kamene said she is always happy when her friends are winning instead of praying and awaiting their downfalls.

Kamene said,

“You realize the percentage of people praying for you to fail is definitely more than the ones who wants you to succeed. Never let that be a discouraging factor just always remember we are not the same.”

Let that be your encouragement today;