On today's Jalang'o's wake up call, the presenter focused on learning from your predecessor's mistakes.

His advice to the young generation is to always have their eyes open and always be ahead of the game if they want to be the face of the future in whatever industry they are in.

He said;

"Last evening I was so lucky to hangout with the future.

We were in an event organized by Safaricom and I got a chance to hangout with Crazy Kennar akina Cartoon comedian.

I posted and said I was fortunate enough to hang out with the future."

Jalang'o went ahead to narrate how Crazy Kennar has decided to invest early in a bid to secure his wealth and future early.

He says, Kennar's reasoning is that as an entertainer he doesn't want to be remembered as one who wasted himself and never secured his future.

Jalang'o says the few moments he shared with Kennar really opened his eyes.

"My word to you today is; Be able to learn and see the mistakes of others, make better out of them and don’t repeat them. Mistakes become mistakes when you repeat them.

See mistakes learn from them and be better." Said Jalang'o.