Kamene Goro apparently want the blossoming relationship between men and football to end. I mean how??

The Kiss breakfast show host says after witnessing men leave their women to go watch the Champions League finals on Saturday, it is high time men cut those ties.

"Lemme tell you something, the champions league final it is just a final. We were at a birthday party and it fikad to a point where the match was soo important and guys stepped outside to watch the match." Kamene said.

I felt like it could have waited or being recorded. But it got to a point and there were three fights. I was like guys if this is what your relationship with football has gotten to wacha ikae. How do you leave your chileh to go watch a bunch of men chasing a football?

It was too early to press some violence especially on a Monday morning but a number of listeners pledged their allegiance to football.

Moses  Watoro said; I am a die hard Chelsea fan and I'd rather be dumped by my girlfriend than miss a game, football is my bae

Naftali Gichuhi: Kamene Mimi alinijamia Sato juu sikumcall saa 10pm... Chelsea fun how could I miss iyoh game

Joseph from Mombasa was among a host of listeners who sided with Kamene.

Joseph called on men to never jeopardize their relationships because of football.

"Hii foota imeleta ngori Sana people have made it like a small god and they no longer consider their relationships and kama ni ngori wacha ikae," He said.

As a man, football is my everything and if my woman can't understand that I have some matches to catch then feelings will be caught.