Jalang’o was one of the hosts at the 58th Madaraka Day celebrations in Kisumu and he says he witnessed some beautiful moments which he will forever treasure.

He says Kisumu people put their differences away, behaved accordingly and welcomed and applauded every single guest. A great representation of ‘when people come together great things happen.’

“On Twitter everybody was like; Wow if there’s any region that will ever lead in bringing this country together is Kisumu and Nyanza region,” Jalang’o said.

They say they love and hate with the same passion but never keep grudges. They move on quickly when they see that it is hurting and decide to give laughter, love and hope a chance.

Jalang’o says Kenyans should learn to always give hope a chance, be it at work or their relationships. They should always focus on a better person, a better future and a better start.