Zari Hassan is in Tanzania and things are looking a bit cute. Of course with Diamond Platnumz, I mean who else.

She signed an ambassadorial deal with a sanitary towel company in Tanzania and in an interview with Wasafi, the mother of five denied claims that Diamond Platnumz ever slept at her mansion when he was in South Africa.

Please note at this time she was dating the South African man 'Dark Stallion'.


"From day one I had told him (Dark Stallion) that the father of my kids will be in town and he was going to spend time with the kids. It was Ramadhan and Diamond would call and say there are no people to cook for them, so I let my husband  (Dark Stallion) know and he didn't have a problem." Zari said

She added that;

"Diamond wasn't sleeping at my house, he would come and go. My husband (Dark Stallion) also comes and goes, so there was no clash. First of all, there was communication to tell him that the father of my kids will be in town. Communication made everything easy."

Zari made ir clear that Diamond showed her respected. He would go back to the hotel when it seemed to get late.

 Asked whether her man wasn't Jealous, she said;

"He wasn't insecure at all"

Zari confirmed that she was going to stay at Diamond's house while in Tanzania as it is her kid's home.