In 2021 Kamene and Jalas believe that if you are past 23-years-old you should never cry over someone over love.

The two for once came to an agreement that crying over love should be left to those who don't know what to focus on in life.

"Crying over a man or a woman must end at 23! By the time you are 24 you must know there are better and bigger things than love." Jalang'o said.

Adding that,

Focus on what builds you, when you focus on that love will find you when you focus on love you will cry. When you get busy you will realize it is not the only thing.

Kamene says the last he last time she cried over a man after a break up was the last time she did so and vowed to never cry again.

In fact, she says she has a few hacks on how to move on from your ex lover and how to avoid crying over them.

"Number one, change of scene will always work; Go for hiking, have some time by yourself. If you must cry time your tears, weka 15 seconds timer, lia ikifika saa wacha." Kamene said.

She added,

Number two is blocking mode – Block people who will affect you and those who you had blocked unblock them.

The advice from the morning hosts was inspired by a story about a young woman who has been crying and mourning over her past love for 7 months now.