The weekend is finally here. This means it' Nakuru time for many Nairobians.

The Amapiano Kenya Tour: Ama Piano Ya Naks Vegas is finally happening tomorrow. The genre of music from South Africa has really taken over in Kenya. So this is an event people are looking forward to.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalango are here to give people some very important tips.


"Amapiano has really taken over in Kenya. Especially the young generation watu wa 19 years to 26 and because it is trending, it is now cutting across hata kwa wababa." Jalas said.

Laughing out loud, Kamene said,

"Yeah and they have said they will not be left behind lazima hata wao waende Nakuru juu madame wao ni watoto."

Jalas went on with the tips.

"Now, wababa, this is how to behave. Number one, please just book a hotel please know where you will sleep because these other ones do not know where they will sleep.

These guys do not sleep. They will be at it hadi asubuhi.

Actually, we need to tell people what 'Amapiano is'. My brother Sam thought it was an artistes. He used to ask, 'sasa amapiano anaanza saa ngapi?' He did not know it is a vibe."

Kamene educated listeners by saying,

"It is a whole genre of music sir."

With the way the weather is set up, Jalas told the wababas to carry warm clothes because these young ones do not get affected by cold weather.

"Number two, if Nairobi is this cold, how is Kinungi, Naivasha and Kimenede. The whole stretch to Nakuru basically. These youngins are going to pass through this bear chest. 

Ladies will have booty shorts and crop tops and they will get there are remove the warm clothes to take pictures. Please wababa, usishuke, pack boshorie mbili tafadhali."

So this weekend as y'all go party hard in Nakuru, carry along with these tips, they will be of great use. Thank us later.