Joan Murugi known to her fans as Yummy Mummy, has been on the trending side of the internet a couple of times. 

A few months ago, social media in laws were all over her business when rumors had it that her marriage was not in a good place. She said that couple therapy saved her marriage.

Speaking in a recent TV interview, the mother of three recommended therapy for other couples as a way to resolve issues.


"We both have very different approaches to conflict. I am an extremely confrontational person but he will just not say anything. It has taken therapy and a lot of communicating for us to get to a point where I told him when you withdraw from me and I withhold communication, it hurts me. And he was like, well, if you come shouting, I feel disrespected. So it's a work in progress.

We are getting better and before, we would go for two weeks without talking to each other. Our therapist told us not to let the sun set before resolving our issues. Couple therapy has saved my marriage." Yummy Mummy said

Adding that family members are one-sided.


"A pastor is okay but you will never reveal all details to them. Therapy is an open space where you can objectively have your issues sorted out."

The content creator said she has made her decision to permanently keep her husband Zack Munyi off social media. She said it was a mutual agreement.

"I deleted every photo of him on my page and people thought we had broken up. It was just a decision we made. "

Joan recently changed her name on her ID taking up her husbands name and she even changed her name from Yummy Mummy on social media to Murugi Munyi. Why? She said,

"Yummy Mummy grew up bigger than I expected and at some point, I wanted to change to my actual names since I felt it was boxing me in and out and a lot of people and brands used to see me as a mum. My content is wider than that."

Joan is making a solid living from social media as a content creator and influencer so the image she puts up on social media, matters.