Esther Musila and Guardian Angel are making us feel like we have been doing this thing called love all wrong.

In fact, if I was given the job to be their manager, a reality show would be something to look into. The money that comes with it is good, and the tips they have on relationships, we need it.

The newly engaged couple did an interview with Musila's daughter, Gilda Naibei on her show, Gilda Naibei Proposal Show, where they opened up to her on their love journey.

Guardian Angel was in a dilemma on whether to refer to his fiancĂ©'s daughter as  his 'daughter' too. 

Gilda asked Guardian Angel what he liked the most about her mother.

"This woman here is my favourite thing. You are my favourite thing, the best thing that happened to me," he said. She same question to her mother, Esther Musila who replied;


"He is my favourite, he is my best friend, I can do anything in front of him. I can fart in front of his face and we laugh about it. He is special to me."

As they went on with the show, Esther shared that she was not about a relationship until the gospel artiste gave her a hug. That was her light bulb moment.

"The first meetings were not about relationships. But, for me, I think that first hug he gave me when I came here to shoot one of his videos was sinister. That's when things started cooking in my head, " Esther

Gilda also asked the couple about their favorite moments

Esther: "For me, it was this one day we just decided to drive out of this place. Went and parked our car somewhere, and we took a leso and just sat and laughed, talked."

Guardian: "When I released an album and we were jamming to one of the songs, then when we stopped the music, the way she was excited about the success of the album really touched my heart."

Such a beautiful love story. We can't wait to see where this goes, they have been able to maintain their relationship despite all the hate.