June is Pride Month meant to celebrate the LGBTQ community across the world.

Kamene has noticed that leading up to the month of June, many social media accounts have been posting rainbow flags to mark the pride month.

There have also been huge conversations and a few celebrities have come out as proud members of LGBTQ.

Struggling to understand why the LGBTQ community need a month to celebrate who they are and wear their pride, Jalang'o says they should walk with their heads held high every single day.

"Why do they need a month to affirm themselves if that is what they have decided? My problem is trying to make it look like something different." Jalang'o said.

Go out there and be proud everyday. Hakuna mtu atakufanya kitu wear your pride. I have a friend who is gay and we have embraced him and told him to look for his people and enjoy life.

Adding that,

You have decided to be a lesbian, go out there and shout it out from the top of the tallest building. If people accept it or not that is who you are."

What is your view about the whole conversation surrounding the LGBTQ community especially in Kenya?