By now, people who wanted growth or something better and different in their lives should not be shocked or tensed when challenges start trickling in.

According to Jalang’o, the moment you decide to be successful there are people who you will eventually cut off and some things you will be forced to sacrifice.

Remember you are the one who asked for growth so don’t be surprised when life challenges you. It is you who told God I need growth, I need to move from one step to another, it is you who called for greatness, who told you it is going to be easy?” Jalang’o said.

He says when you decide that success is your portion that is when you start having back to back meetings, you start sleeping late and waking up early and lose a number of friends. He says that is what comes with the package.

You asked for greatness, you asked for success, you asked for growth don’t be surprised when challenges start coming in because nobody said it was going to be easy.“  Added Jalang'o.