Makena Njeri's social media page has become a source of motivation. When you need to feel good about yourself, that is the page to visit.

Just recently, she came out to the public in a Ted talk that she is gay and has given so many people the safe space to share their stories and be comfortable and bold with their truth.

Taking to social media, she posted a picture of her looking good in an amazing suit -as usual - with a smize and said that human beings need to start learning to feed their basic needs.


"My basic needs are Mind, Body, Soul when you feed these three elements well you become whole in every aspect in life. However, as human beings we end up choosing our basic needs the worthless stuff to be things that feed our very own beautiful existence and hold on to narratives that only define you as a half-baked human being living without a purpose.

I say look within you today and feed your basic needs. You will love more and hate less, you will be kinder to humanity and animals, you will attract only good, you will win, you will blossom into the best version of yourself that ever existed. A full life ♾ ❤️" Makena shared

In as much as she has gone through so much, she has found peace in accepting who she is and that is the message she wants to pass to her followers.

We can even see the glow on her face, it is called peace.