If you thought Diamond Platnumz has love drama, let me introduce you to Rayvanny's complicated love life.

He has been making headlines in the recent past over his complicated love life. Rayvanny was dating his baby mama Fahima since 2016 when he got into the music industry but officially separated this year when the singer got into a relationship with one Paula Kajala.

A very compromising video of Rayvanny and Paula, a minor, went viral eliciting mixed reaction because she had just finished form four heading to form five.

Let it be known that this was the same time Harmonize was dating Paula's mother Fridah Kajala. Fridah reported Rayvanny to authorities for allegedly dating an underage girl.

Paula's father, producer Pfunk Majani, later cleared the air saying that she is 18 years and that he had already washed his hands from the daughter as they are not in good terms thanks to the mother.

Rayvanny's baby mama, Fayvanny later took to social media to tell Rayvanny that he had destroyed their family with his own hand


"You have destroyed this family with your own hands and there is a time God is going to remind you"

"I have been lied to for a long time, I don't need any more lies. Stay with that woman, I will stay with my son" Fayvanny said

Rayvanny never publicly responded to her but shared a photo of himself with Paula to confirm they are indeed dating.

He has now come out to say that he is yearning to marry.

"JAMANI JAMANI NAMIMI NIMETAMANI MAMBO YA NDOA HAYA 😭😭😭😭😭😭 ......EMBU MTAG #Numberone wako hapa hata unaetamani kua nae unaruhusiwa kumtag"

From that post, it is not clear who he wants to marry. Is it his baby mama or his current babe. I told you, it is a complicated love life.