Just like Akothee always says, when a troll comes for you, do not be afraid of bashing them down.

Anerlisa Muigai recently posted a picture of herself wearing gym clothes with her signature pose next to her car after a morning run and captioned,

“Morning. After morning run.”

One of her followers took to the comments section saying that she is not in a happy place.

 "Rich but lonely! Money can't buy happiness," he wrote.

This is all being said because the Nero CEO, is in the processes of seeking a divorce from her husband BenPol. These two were married for like a quick minute but they had dated for a pretty long while.

Irked by the comment, Anerlisa harshly responded saying,

"It does b***h and that is what you convince your miserable self? Pathetic.” 

Contrary to what we are used to in her comment section, so many people supported her response and not against her telling her not to respond to such comments. 

Basically they told Anerlisa that she is way above this and she should just let those trolls be.