Kartelo has been trending pretty much the entire week. Fans were concerned about his sudden disappearance from social media, the space where we discovered him.

Mulamwah, who is also an online comedian, went searching for him and found him in his house in Kayole. He said that he is taking time off to be  with his family.

“I am okay. There is no problem,” he told his fans through Mulamwah

The sheng master wants to give his daughter the life he never had. His father was an absent father so spending time with his family, is sentimental.

Just to emphasize that he has been okay, he finally introduced his girlfriend - baby mama - Fahima Nassir. and his daughter in a beautiful photo to the world.

Kartelo captioned the sweet picture saying,


 “Imagine playing chess with 2 queens 😎 ii ndio mbogi hunipea life, mbogi yenye hufanya nisicheze blind. Acha leo niappreciate First lady wa kimonyoski @fahima_nassir.”