Zari Hassan just keeps winning.

Diamond's ex-wife, has officially been appointed as the Tanzanian Tourism Ambassador.

She took to her social media to announce the good news saying,


"Tourism ambassador Tanzania ni sehemu yangu pia, nikivuta hewa na kukanyaga ardhi yake ndani yangu naona msukumo wa kufanya jambo zaidi

I am excited to be doing something big that will bring more income in Africa." She wrote after attending a Parliament session

Zari arrived in Tanzania last week for charity work with Softcare diaper as a brand ambassador.

So many stories have been out there saying she is sleeping in Diamond house and other rumors, but through all this, the babe is making boss moves.

In an interview with Wasafi, the mother of five denied claims that Diamond Platnumz ever slept at her mansion when he was in South Africa.

"From day one I had told him (Dark Stallion) that the father of my kids will be in town and he was going to spend time with the kids. It was Ramadhan and Diamond would call and say there are no people to cook for them, so I let my husband  (Dark Stallion) know and he didn't have a problem." Zari said

Like we have always said, Zari is a very smart lady so she knows how and where to step.