Elodie Zone has finally decided to speak up about her previous relationship.

The rumors were out there that she had broken up with her man Nviiri, but in her Instastrories, she confirmed it all saying she is done with physical and emotional abuse when it comes to relationships.

"Physical, Mental. Verbal and emotional abuse towards women is unacceptable! I want to make it clear that I am NOT dating Nviiri. We just met in Coast, but the reason that I left him is the same reason that has come up as we are 'respectful friends' I've worked too damn hard as a woman to love myself and be confident. To stack my money To support those around me. I'm tired of 'well known men taking advantage of women because we are focused, intelligent, and authentic. 


I am 24 and work 15 hours a day, everyday I pray, meditate, journal, work, clean and respect my body I have decided that I don't owe any boy anything. F it! Let's go, crazy ladies, they can't mentally keep up anyway. Be hated for who you are than be loved for living a lie." Elodie too to social meida

She went ahead to tell her fans to ask questions in regards to the new revelation.

One fan asked her if Nviiri is the guy who left her in the club in January. The story was that she was sadly put in position where she had to pick between sexual assault, death or both.


“Ladies, have friends and be with a man that’ll protect you. You never want to hit the ground unsure of who will and won’t be there to catch you. My experience last night was an eye-opener. The closest person to me left me in a position where I could have died. I would never wish that on anyone!” Elodie shared a while back

In her Instastories, she revealed it was Nviiri.

Elodie Zone reveals details on relationship with Nviiri
Elodie Zone reveals details on relationship with Nviiri
Image: Elodie's Instagram Stories

Kiss100 reached out to Nviiri for a right of reply but he did not pick up the calls. We reached out via text and he ignored the message and immediately blocked us.

Nviiri ignores to comment on Elodie's accusations
Nviiri ignores to comment on Elodie's accusations
Image: Mpasho WhatsApp