Bien Aime feels like he is no longer safe in these streets.

A clip that has been doing rounds from a segment of BBC Swahili news states that bald men in Mozambique need to stay alert as they are a target of witchcraft.

'Five people have been killed by people presuming that there is gold inside their heads. One of them has their organs taken out. Suspects have been arrested and they have told the police that the organs of the bald men and are being used for superstitious acts in Tanzania." BBC Swahili reporter said

Of course, this has so many people concerned and one of them is Bien. We know he has been the advocate of the Bald Men Association and this has him worried.

"Sh*t I need like 10 bodyguards, a couple of wigs and a helmet 👀. #BaldLivesMatter ✊🏿 😫" Bien took to social media

The comment section has no remorse. So many people were out there laughing at Bien and his concerns.

This was in the news so it could just a serious case. DNA, Mark Masai, Gilad Milo, Bernard Ndong and other bald men in Kenya, follow Bien's advice, buy a wig, huku nje nikubaya.