The weekend that was had a lot of events going down but the major one, was the Amapiano Tour Kenya. 

Nairobian's left the city on Friday, a others departed on Saturday for the highly anticipated event.

Kamene Goro, who was part of the influencers, came back to work with stories for days. Jalango on The Morning Kiss asked her what went down over the weekend especially based on his warning last week.


"Did people come back home after our talk and warnings? Did you survive? Did you find new love, make new friends? What happened?" He asked

"Let me tell you the thing that I have seen a lot this weekend, yani I saw them like over a million times, bikers and booty shorts," Kamene responded

Laughing out loud, Jalas gave a little history saying,


"Now what happened, in the last conviction where kamisi appeared in court hoping it will win the judgment, it tried so much and they were told to shut down. The biker showed up and as the judgment was going on it was told no. What saved the bikers was then they said it can be worn as an outerwear and not just an innerwear. "

It got to a point Kamene looked at herself wondering if she is the only one with her squad that had full clothes on.

"Heh! Let me tell you, then they start dancing those Amapiano dance moves where you jump and squat with those bikers bro. We looked at each other wondering if we were the only ones with complete clothes."

Mind you the morning of the event was all foggy and misty, which means, it was cold.

"Oooh, you didn't have a biker?" Jalas asked

"Bro I am going to be 30 next year there are things I just can't do. Umri haikubali. Also, you think nobody can stop reggae? These Amapiano people I swear it must be a cult." Kamene made it clear