Over the weekend, Kamene Goro ignited a rumor that she could just be dating Joe Muchiri.

They both worked together to successfully execute the Amapiano Tour Kenya in Nakuru. But from what Jalang'o had to say on The Morning Kiss, there is more to just working together.

"You know these extra friends who just blow things out of proportion. You do not want to have a friend like Jalas especially when he has free time he should not go on holiday. I post a picture with my friend..." Kamene started the conversation.

Jalas responded saying,

"Why are you talking about me like I am not here. What have I done?

What friend? This is not the first time you have posted a suggestive picture captioning that 'the heart wants what the heart wants'.  For how long will you hide you have something going on? You people are taking too much of our time? Your page has so many photos of you and Joe. I am at four and they keep coming. Do you people take us as children? As fools? As children?


In that same photo, he replied with love heart eyes."

Kamene asked him why he is spreading rumors.

"Why did you come to burn on my page and not his? You see the friends I was telling you about? You just want to insinuate that I might be getting married to Joe Muchiri?"

Confidently replying to this, Jalang'o shared some evidence he had gathered to prove this theory.

"Not that you would be, you two are dating. You sat with him at the event. You left Sarova for Enashipai. You said you need a double room with an outside bathroom."

Joe Muchiri please, we need your side of the story because responding with 'surely' is not enough.