In life we get irritated, bothered and even stressed when people talk about us. But have we ever stopped and thought that the day they decide to stop talking about us it will be over for us too?

If they are talking about you it simply shows how relevant your life is and this morning, Jalas did a good job in reminding you that.

Let them talk about you , ‘cause the day they stop, it will be over for you too,”  He said. It’s only people who are doing something that people talk about.


The people making moves are the people, people love talking about. The people making change, people in trouble or in mess are people, people talk about.”

He says whether they talk negatively or positively let them do so but always be ready to learn from the negative comments.

Jalang’o reminds us that it shows us we are relevant and if they all stop looking your way it means you are simply irrelevant.

If it’s positive and they are talking about you, keep shining keep working hard and move so far that you’ll never hear them talk about you.“