In life the biggest mistake you can ever do is write someone off because you no longer see their worth.

Kamene and Jalas used the man who has been for eating a huge ugali as an example.

One day he was making a fun TikTok video and within no time, the video went viral and Kenyans used his video and photos as memes.

Betting firm Odibets saw and opportunity and jumped on it used the now popular guy to promote their brand.

According to Jalang'o, the journey to stardom for him doesn't end there as there are a few more companies willing to work with him.

Just imagine from making fun videos to making millions! 

This amazing and inspirational turn of events motivated Kamene and Jalas into opening up about the number of times people wrote them off in life.

Kamene narrated how a friend of hers advised her to start looking for other avenues soon as it was reported Jalang'o was going to join her on Kiss FM.

Jalang'o narrated how a social media user made fun of him when he lost his job at Milele only for him to join Kiss FM.

Let it be a lesson to all of us to never write someone off because God works in mysterious ways.