Maureen Waititu's love for her children is a reminder every day of the long and public fight she had last year with baby daddy, Frankie Kiarie aka Just Gymit.

Basically, she will do anything for her sons.

The mother of two took to social media just gushing over Kai saying,


"In a few days, my not so little boy will be turning the big three! It’s like I blinked and now I have the smartest, most bubbly boy I know! He takes every chance he gets with me to crawl up on my lap to either just relax or just to take a good old napπŸ₯°.

Either way, I cherish every moment. This boy is my sunshine, flowers and the rainbow of my heart- he doesn’t waste a moment to randomly tell me and our household ’I love you' or β€˜you’re my best friend’ 😩😩 and he equally lets us all know when he’s not happy whenever things go wrong πŸ˜‘ πŸ€—.

He’s my little heart soldier and has a very strong mind and personality which I deeply thank god for," penned Maureen.

Adding a prayer for her sons,

"With him, he carries a gift of cheer and bottomless love and as his mama, I would fight a bear to protect him and his brother, but I know that’s not always up to me - hence my daily prayer for him and his big brother.

β€œDear God, put a hedge of protection around them, keep them pure and keep the enemy at bay at all times. Always go before and behind them and may they grow closer to you with each passing day. Amen."

Despite all that she has been through, Maureen's sons, Lexi and Kai were her greatest source of strength when the room was so dark for her.