The Star Newspaper's front-page article had so many people concerned and maybe this will actually make people take COVID-19 seriously.

According to the Amref study, the share of married couples reporting sexual dissatisfaction rose to 41.3 percent last year while those satisfied with sex dropped to 58 percent from 73.4 percent before the pandemic. 

Kamene and Jalas on The Morning Kiss read the synopsis of this article and it had them scared. In fact, Jalas has was clear that he does not want to be a statistic.

"Covid-19  kills libido. It is bad. The lockdown has been serious it hit hard and it could be long-lasting. Wapi ile mask yangu? Sikua najua. I am not part of that statistic." Jalang'o said

Masking up, Kamene said,

"For the sake of your libido, mask up, sanitize and keep social distance. It kills not slows down."

Sadly, in a separate analysis, the Ministry of Health reported that as a result of people forced into their homes last year, cases of domestic violence also increased.