Vera Sidika is still giving details when it comes to her relationship back when she was with Daktari Jimmy Chansa.

In her own words, she says she had a terrible experience which took a lot of endurance dating him.

A fan asked Vera Sidika to reveal the truth about what happened between the two and she said,


 "One of the most unfortunately traumatic experiences I have ever had amongst all my relationships. Never judge a book by its cover and sometimes the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know. 

It wouldn't even have reached seven months if I wanted it to. Ata hizo five months I tried So So hard, it was terrible. Honestly, I am happy I didn't continue doing that to myself."

Vera Sidika and Jimmy Chansa
Vera Sidika and Jimmy Chansa
Image: Vera Instagram Feed

Interestingly enough, every time Vera talks about her relationship with Jimmy, it is never good things. But on the first time he talked about the relationship, he had only but good things to say.

“It was love, just like any other relationship. the person I was with was a socialite already and that's why our relationship was public. Social media pressure was normal but what made me stick with her was her good and loving personality. she is smart. I do not regret it. It was good as it lasted.” Jimmy said

As they say, maneno ya watu wawili, wachana nayo. Only they know.