The 'sisi ndio tuko' phrase has to be the most misused phrase 

It has been used to simply remind people that they have no choice and they are stuck with you for life.

For example; "Men we know you are looking for women who don't drink or smoke but ni sisi ndio tuko."

Kamene said she decided to jump on the narrative and when she posted something along that phrase she received hilarious reactions.

However, Jalang'o doesn't seem to entertain the narrative and believes people just don't want to be that special person that everyone will want. 

"I don't like that narrative because we have normalized ujinga." Said Jalang'o.

OK ni sisi ndio tuko so at least you already know what you are looking for also wenye mnasema ni sisi ndio tuko mnajua what others are looking for why don't you be the rare ones?


The two went on to agree that 'we know what we want but we have normalized settling for less.'

Jalang'o didn't take long before jumping into the bandwagon and used the phrase to give the parents a little wake up call.

He said;

By the way parents as much as you are looking for pilots and lawyers to marry your daughters hao ndio wako hao wa ma bangi."