This morning, Jalang'o reminded us all what we probably may have forgotten - that we are always the villain in someone else's story.

When you go to two warring parties and try to get both side of their stories, everyone will paint the other one in bad light but themselves.

Jalang'o says no matter how good you do people will always have a bad picture of you.

“We are all bad in someone else’s story. A very few people will sit back and give the right story, the right picture of you really are. “ He said.


To many you are always bad so that sends you to one thing, since you already know you are bad in their story, write your own story.

Jalang’o says it is time for you to write your own story, a story that you will understand, a story authored by you with every chapter written by yourself.

He says that to make that happen is by knowing who you are, doing what you love and not caring about what other people think.

"Don’t care about their story you have the power to write your own story. A story of hard work a story of resilience a story of not giving up and one day they will want to write your story.“ He added.