I don't know if y 'all remember but two years ago, Makena Njeri had her white Mercedes Benz vandalized by a babe who called her a cheater.

I am sure we are now on the same page. They briefly spoke about it during her Ted Talk saying they woke up to so many calls and messages. That was one of the tough times for her.

Speaking to Massawe, they have for the first time addressed the issue that went viral.

"Two years ago my story was told by people before I could. I sat down and said that the reason why it hurt was that people told my story.

I don't know who did it but the police are still investigating who vandalized my Mercedes Benz. I will not look back at the bad things that happened. Every day we try our best to move on, forward."

Massawe asked went ahead to ask if their current partner is the one who vandalized her car and they calmly answered saying,


"I will leave the speculation of whoever who did to people who want to speculate. I also don't know. I keep on saying that, all that is in the past, what is important now is, what is Makena doing right now."

In as much as they have gone through so much, she has found peace in accepting who she is and that is the message she wants to pass to her followers.