Do you have what you planned to have when you were in school? Because life happens.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Jalas read a post of some guy and then followed on the comments.

"I read a comment of a guy saying, I knew by 20 I will have personal assets and now I just have personal issues. Another one said I am currently using other people's esteem because sina yangu. Another one commented saying, I thought by now I will be married by a mzungu but hata mkisii wa kunikatia ama Mluhuya hata msapere hakuna. Another one said they thought when they get to 25 I will have a car na hata wire ya bicycle hana." 

Jalas then asked Kamene what she thought she would have by now and she laughed saying,

"I knew by the time I was hitting 30 I was going to retire. I used to tell my classmates, I do not know about but past 30 I am not working. Bro, this is next year."

Laughing at what life has presented for him now, Jalas said he had heavy dreams.

"Mimi I knew by 25 I would be having a holiday home in Diani and I would have been the first person to import a Rolls Royce in town, By that 25 I was in Mwingi, life had hit me hard."

Kamene concluded by saying that she knew she would be a flying high lawyer at the age of 25, 26 but life took a different turn for her.