I am sure you have seen so many quotes on social media calling out these so-called fake friends but according to The Morning Kiss duo, there is really nothing like that.

Reading a quote to Jalas by Joe Muchiri, Kamene said,

"I saw this on my alleged bae's page and it is so true I had to comment. So there is nothing like fake friends. Either ukona madeni za watu, hupendi kuambiwa ukweli ama unapenda vitu vya bure."

Jalas gave a solution to this problem.

"So please, to avoid calling people fake friends, pay people's debt or just avoid borrowing money from friends. Because if you start borrowing and they start asking and it is you who said you will give it back, then they ask for it you start calling people fake friends.

Two, when you do not have money, stop going out. Kaa home na ulale and do not go out there then when guys tell you to pay your bill, you call them fake friends. " Jalas said

And then both Kamene and Jalas said that friends need to accept when they are being told the truth. If you smell, they will tell you to take a shower or have deo. And babe when you're misbehaving, you know Kamene will call that out.