Kamene wants her fellow women to get used to owning up and taking full accountability for what they do and who they are.

In short she wants them to start cutting the millions of excuses and start owning up.

"Baby girl you are the only person who is accountable for your life, your actions and what you do. " Kamene said.

That way we will be so much careful about how we handle ourselves.

Kamene says she needs women to be at a point where they are conscious of what they are about to do and say and her simple advice is 'if it is not something you can take back, don't do it.'

The veracity of your actions sometimes you don't realize how detrimental can be because you are in the habit of doing and giving an excuse. "

Kamene says once they start holding themselves accountable they will start seeing a significant change in the things they do and behaviors that they acquire.

Watch the profound advice that every woman needs to hear, below;