Jalang'o meets the new ride #KissMyRide
Jalang'o meets the new ride #KissMyRide
Image: Kiss 100 Kenya

"Nobody watches you more than someone who wants to see you fail or someone who doesn't want you to succeed. They just watch your every single step." That was Jalang'o's simple reminder this morning.

He added,

I can only easily tell you, give them a show, do everything possible to make them to not make them watch you because you are moving so fast for them to be able to watch.

Jalas reminded his fans the reality about life - There are people who are pleased to watch your  moves while there are people who simply don't want to see your moves.

He wants you to be intentional and go and succeed for your own good and also to give them a show that will always keep them watching.

Check out the video below;