Kiss FM breakfast hosts, Kamene and Jalas are the hottest presenters in the 254 and their fashion sense simply ranks them as the looku gurus in the industry.

So stylish are the two that they have partnered with the likes of Devine collection and Home apparel 254 to promote their high end products.

On more than seven occasions since the two started working together, they have been spotted rocking matching outfits and fans have wondered whether it is pure coincidence or it was pre-planned.

Either way, we love it when they confuse their enemies with their matching clothes, hoodies, T-shirts and designer shoes.

Below are the times Kamene and Jalas rocked matching outfits;

1. Pink affair

2. All black

3. White tops and white sneakers

4. Monday blues 

5. Red alert

6. Orange democratic day!

7. Inspirational Tees-day

8. What a greyt day