Maureen Waititu has been a single babe for a little over two years and we can all see her growth through her social media when it comes to healing from a broken heart.

She has said it so many times that she is on a journey where she is focused on her healing after she broke up with her baby daddy Frankie Kiarie, two years ago.

Speaking in a recent interview on K24 TV, the mother of two said she needed enough time before dating again.


"It's been two years since I became a single mum. I think I have been focusing more on myself, my healing and my kids. I feel like one of the major catalysts of a failing relationship on someone who broke up with someone, whoever, male or female, if they move to a new relationship with the baggage which is the unhealed wounds, it will never work out." She said

The thing is, men fear dating single mums of boys.

"I remember someone telling me, 'You have two boys in Kenya, no one will ever look your way.' It is a common factor whereby even before I was single, I could hear people saying it is not easy to date mothers of boys than girls."

Maureen said people have perceptions that boys raised by a single mum are spoilt.

"Some say the boys become 'Mama's boys'."

Maureen said for the next she will be dating, he must be aware that her kids come first 

"First things first, they have to love kids and be specific which kids. I listen to them and see how they take parenting, that is if they have kids."

Maureen still believes in love despite all she has been through especially the public humiliation she is not looking to get into a relationship with just any man. She is only willing to settle down with a God-fearing man.

"I still believe in love, I have a lot to offer. My heart was broken but I am filled with love now. I would be interested in a man who has certain values that I'm looking for. I pray to God to bring me a man who is God-fearing."

From her social media posts, she has done a good job raising her sons in as much as so much drama was out there when it comes to her family life.

Her son just turned three a few days ago and she went big for Kai.