It is always fun times with Kamene and Jalas any day anywhere but today on The Morning Kiss, the two were heavily concerned.

A video that has been doing rounds of a girl trying to chug a bottle of gin in 10 seconds is alarming. Especially because her friends were encouraging her.

"Pombe haiishi na rieng haiishi. I do not understand this callousness with which we are handling alcohol. This is thing is not something to play with. It is not your agemate and we mean it. You start damaging your body that severely this young when you get to 40 how will things be?


How you ever met someone at 33 with a bad liver and another with a bad tummy but what will you do? People are dying. We get it YOLO and all but will you drink and party yourself to death?" Kamene said with a lot of concern

Jalang'o who silently listened to Kamene shook his head and in support of Kamene said,

"I've seen this video. This could be your sister, daughter or cousin or even your good friend. Downing a bottle of gin down her throat in 10 seconds.


We could even see the chic maybe saying no when it got to 5 her friends then chochad her to keep going.

In the second video, we can see her eyes rolling back looking dead."

The duo's words of advice on how the young people are living this turn-up life is simple,

"Young people this comes from a point of love, stop it. You guys are drinking yourself to the grave. Stop it!"