Dr. Lydia Wahura, 35, committed suicide on Saturday by injecting herself with anesthetic drugs at the KNH parking lot.

This story has left many wondering and questioning what really goes on privately in people's lives as opposed to what we see publicly.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas urged their listeners to check up on their people. Things are tough.


"What the paper says is that her last note said, 'I am so so so so sorry but I don’t expect forgiveness. I am scared of dying but I am more scared of living.

Now what makes this even sad is that she had everything to live for. Everybody says Lydia had everything to live for. A good career, she was top of her class. She almost had everything good going for her that she had no reason for killing herself. "

Jalas added saying that there are always these small signs but one needs to be very keen. Hence why they are insisting, check up on your people.


"Now this begs the questions, what could have driven her to commit suicide, her saying that she is even more scared of living. Is it that we are caught up running our errands that we don't get to notice what is happening around our lives.

If you saw the people typing RIP Daktari, they are people we thought you know what, if you're a friend, you're able to check on someone. Just a hi, how are you doing? These days there are always tell-tell signs from what we've been seeing. Either someone who was active on social media draws back etc..."