Kamene and Jalas are always such a vibe. Not just for the laughs but also for some life lessons.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene was clear that God is not from anyone's village.

"There was a guy who thought I would be in trouble na hata ntapanda mathree, not that there is anything wrong with it. When I got my baby I took a picture plus the logbook and told them 'God is not from your village'. "

Heavily agreeing to this, Jalas gave his personal experience when things were thick for him.

"Never has and will never be and I repeat Mungu sio Kangethe ati mko base na yeye mnakula veve. When God opens doors, he really does. So pray and even do things to prove them wrong.

A little over a year ago or two. It was a week of thing moving so fast. The stories on Boys Club came out, clients have pulled out and all. I was like, wah, it will take time and a lot to make people understand the truth. The first thing I said is mama knows my friends and she knew my truths, I said I will try to work on my brand.

Just that time, I lost my job and Mielele and guys linked the two together, in fact, my boss then said I have fired you, what are these guys saying?

So that time I got a call from a client a very good one who I was to work with during the COVID-19 period, they canceled saying 'this story is too much we have to pull out'. Then I got another call from another client who was there for me throughout and they said this is too hot we are pulling out.

Adding that,

Then another client called and said, this thing is bad but we are not leaving, we re here and they are among the few people who gave me courage saying it will be okay.

Those two who pulled out are now beginning for me to come back, I asked them you thought God is from your village.

Even friends said a lot and I said ni sawa. But here we are."

Kamene applauded his efforts thus far because manz doing the most when it comes to his career.