Johnson Sakaja has opened up about a lot. The last in-depth interview was when he had a sit down with Nyashinski.

A few days ago, he was interviewed by Churchill on his show and the Nairobi Senator revealed that his mother, Emily Kubasu was a government officer at the prison services, hence they lived in a government house.

But as soon as she passed away, they were chased out of the house very quickly.

Sakaja is the last-born in a family of three. He said his mum died when he was very young.

"My mum used to work in government, she died in 1994. I was nine years, but we continued staying in government quarters. But in 1997, we had to move.

Oh, my mum. My mum was a champion. She died very young, she was 41. At that time, she was one of the senior most ladies in the prison service at Langata Women's.

She was Kenya's fastest runner. In 1971, she was the East African champion for the 200m race." Sakaja told Churchill

Adding that,

"She represented Kenya in many short-distance races. She was very ambitious, and maybe that is why she died at a very young age.

Very loving, I am told. I didn't know her much by the time she died, nilikuwa mtoi bado, and I remember it very clearly, like yesterday."

Clearly, he loved his mother and he has drawn a lot of life lessons from her.