Vera Sidika is expectant after many people had so much negative talk about her after she got married to Brown Mauzo.

She unveiled the pregnancy on her Instagram photo after keeping her fans waiting for what she referred to as the 'The Big Reveal'.

"16.06.2021 ...An adventure is about to begin...I love you so much my Husband Brown Mauzo."

Today on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas congratulated the socialite -or did she retire from the business- wishing her all the best in the remaining months.

"Vera Sidika tells us on social media to save the date, 16th of June, The day of the African Child and she comes out with a bulging stomach heavily pregnant and from myself, congratulations Vera on your pregnancy. We pray you carry the baby to terms for the full nine months.

Hii inakaa mimba ya miezi sita hivi but you know Vera is also big so that could be seven months. When a girl is big, by the time it is showing, it is like seven months. Skia vile I am giving pregnancy views. 


But all said and done who would have thought? " Jalas said 

Kamene added that just when she got to the office Jalas told her she will also get a child.

"I remember as I was going to sleep I was like ama this is Vera doing a video for Brown meaning manz back to doing music. Then I come to the office and Jalas starts laughing saying that hata mimi ntashika mimba."  She said

Jalas added saying that we all expected a rich man to bag Vera but she just keeps proving our expectations wrong.

"Everyone who knows Vera has always had the idea of her living a YOLO life or that if she was to settle down, it would have been a billionaire in a yacht living her best life because that is the standard she had set but who is Brown Mauzo? 

A man from Mombasa. Beba chuma, kula mihogo na njugu and now see them together."

From the Kiss100 family, congratulations Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo.