A few months ago, Harmonize sued his then girlfriend Kajala and her daughter Paula for allegedly leaking his intimate photos online. They were arrested and later released on bail.

Speaking for the first time on this, Harmonize told the Ijumaa Magazine that he has forgiven the babes.

"I have already decided to forgive Kajala and Paula because I don’t want any court cases. I have made the decision, so life moves on. So I don’t want to hear anything about the matter." Harmonize said

Asked on whether he has plans to get back together with Kajala. Harmonize said.

 "I have said that I forgave them, and that is why I withdrew the case. I have no problem with anyone."

When the two were dating, the 'Happy Birthday' singer and Kajala got tattoos of each others initials 'K' and 'H'.

But after the drama, he got rid of it by adding a few letters to the 'K' to read 'Konde Gang', the name of his record label.

The singer has clearly been in the mood to make amends with those he rubbed with the wrong way.

Just recently, his ex, Wolper gave birth to her first child and the new Harmonize, 2.0 sent her a beautiful message despite how things ended.