Nana Owiti has been revealing a lot about her personal life from her past. Some very emotional but the good thing is that she has overcome them.

In one of her past relationships, King Kaka's wife endured abuse.

Nana opened up saying that after leaving a relationship that didn't work, she jumped into another one and the man emotionally and physically abused her.


"The first emotional and physical abuse I encountered was when I had just left another relationship that was working a little bit but I did not like some things. I was very intentional about making it work. I was naive and I was just a good girl. He would come home drunk and abuse me and with time I learnt how to survive. When he insulted me, I also reiterated. When he would want to physically abuse me, I would run to the kitchen and get a knife but I realized I might end up killing someone." Nana said

She added that the ex would have external stresses and bring them to her and later apologize and they reconcile.

"Then it's a new cycle."

During one of her YouTube channel episodes, Nana Owiti opened up on a  sexual harassment experience she went through expressing how such acts take away so much from the lady. 

Read her story and Wahu's below: