Diamond Platnumz has for the first time spoken about the petition calling for his removal from the BET Awards by his fellow Tanzanians.

Diamond said

“I respect everyone's opinion. Whether you insult or praise me, I am grateful. That means you remembered me, and that is a blessing from God.


Not everyone who speaks negatively about you today hates you. Perhaps they woke up in a foul mood. Tomorrow, they might regret their actions and ask for forgiveness. He said.

That is all Diamond had to say for now and we are assuming that he is in Los Angeles for the award ceremony, he will speak more on the issues when he comes back. Hopefully as a winner.

I have said it time and time again, with all the hard work Diamond puts into his work and his company WCB, he deserves all the awards he is nominated for.

For now, Kiss 100 wished Diamond all the best. A win for him is a win for East African entertainment.