On The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas were basically explaining what Nairobi relationships are like.

"This is a situation where you're enjoying everything but do not want to make things formal. What people call friends with benefits or situationships.

Of course if that is the arrangement you want, what are you going to formalize and we are already enjoying these things the way we are? What do you want us to do now that we were not doing?" Jalas said

Kamene answered saying that I mean one just wants to make things official for the two to be one.

Sitting upright for a more clearer space to give advice, Jalas said,

"I have always this from the word go, ask of  what are we?

 This engagement that you're in it will save you embarrassment, tears and a lot of pain, just ask from the word go, ask, this that we are, 'what are we?'"

Every time one goes on social media, the story is the same, 'I am with a guy but I do not know where I stand but I love him'. Or vice versa. 

To avoid the worst from coming out of the situation, always be sure where you stand in his/her life. But then again, hii ni Nairobi.