Singer Wahu who's wife to Nameless, made a huge announcement in 2017 saying she officially dropped secular for gospel music.

At that time, so many of the female celebrities had made the same decision. The likes of Amani and Size 8 had also gone gospel.

Wahu further explained that her journey to salvation had been on and off, citing one of the reasons as discouragement from fellow Christians.

In a recent episode of her reality show with Nameless, 'This Love' the mother of two said that her husband was disappointed by her decision to announce she was going to do gospel music.

"In 2016, Bien told us that we need to work on an album together and not a single. We were in the process of doing it. The issues came up when she said she wanted to do gospel music," Nameless said.

Wahu laughing added that Nameless was like don't do it.


"He was like 'what if you do gospel today and later you want to do other genres'."

Nameless  responded saying,

"I was like you don't have to say you sing gospel, just say you are saved. I told her I think you are just excited and full of emotions."

In a very recent interview with Massawe, Wahu said she wants to create good music that will inspire people. She does not want to be boxed in any genre.

The two recently did a song together after years of being together. The song is all about love and so that conquers Wahu's wants.

"From pain to happiness. I do not want to hang on titles but I believe in topics that I can relate with. I have been in a relationship for more than 20 years and so I can talk about that."

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