OG ni OG but this time round, he has taken off his hat for Bahati.

The not-so gospel artiste released a song, Fikira Za Bahati' where he mentions a lot of successful Kenyan artistes but throws shade at them. One of those he targetted is Khaligraph Jones. And you know when you mention his name, he will definitely come at you.

But this time, manz is chilled. Probably because he had a very peaceful birthday celebration with his family in the coast.


Bahati’s songs have been top trending since the drop of his new album which makes him way ahead of Khali when it comes to YouTube numbers.

”I Told these Musicians not to Dare Release their Songs Because I will be Taking Over the Airwaves With My New Álbum #LOVELIKETHIS… Lakini @khaligraph_jones akanidharau Juu Ameunga anadhani hii Vita Ya Misuli na Muscles Kwa Gym  !!! Please Go and Watch his New Song BCoz I don't see him anywhere on Trending... BAHATI is Number 1, 2 & 3 Mnaonaje? Nitoe ingine ama nitulie Kwanza??? ” He took to social media

Responded to the tag, Khaligraph said,


”Hahaha Leo Umeshinda, Nimekuachia YouTube. Sitabishana, You win.”

Bahati has dropped three songs last week and Khali dropped one random -as he calls it -  song.