In case the weekend has been heavy and you may have forgotten, let me remind you that Vera Sidika is pregnant.

We know how she likes to do her things, big, and she announced she is pregnant in a grand way after keeping us guessing for some time.

A lot had been said about her prior to this shocking reveal and taking to social media, she has shut down all the nonsense people had to say in regards to Vera getting a child.

Taking to social media, she was saddened by the many trolls who called her barren and she said no one deserves to be called names just because they have not conformed to societal expectations.

‘’Some stupid devil called me barren, _ you all act like you know my life and my womb so well to make it a topic of discussion. So many Lucifer’s on Instagram. St*pid son of a b*tch. Worthless piece of sh*t

10th March 2021 Someone's daughter called me Barren. As If is she knows what my womb looks like.


 I was already pregnant by this time - just laughing at nasty comments.

 Ladies, let nobody rush you into getting pregnant. Motherhood is a whole commitment! A baby is not a commodity you buy from a shop to impress family, in-laws, etc. then return when things go left. Also, no matter how rich your bf, hubby don't ever depend entirely on that.’’ Vera responded to a fan on her instastories

Adding that,

‘’ Make sure u r financially, mentally & emotionally stable yourself. Before getting into it. So In-case he leaves, your child is 100% good. Nothing as beautiful as giving your baby a life many people wished they had while growing up. Do it at your own perfect time. STAY WOKE!.’’

The mother to be said she and husband Brown Mauzo, still do not know the gender of their child. As I said, she likes to make ger announcements grand so let's wait and see her reveal post or party.