If we are talking anything Khaligraph Jones, it must start with, 'The OG must be respected'. Because really, he must.

Khaligraph told Kamene and Jalas that his most recent song, 'Nikwa ni Shoke' was all recorded and shot on the same day. Manz was busy enjoying the soft life abroad and the next thing he knows, his name is trending all over courtesy of one Wizzo.

Khaligraph on the making of his song, 'Nikwa ni Shoke'"The song was never part of the plan. I did not even do it here, I recorded and shot it in my hotel room while in the states. Hii haikua kwa mpango yangu." He said

Manz has a very successful career in the music scene and he says, it is never about hits but good material for his fans.

"When recording a song, I do not do it to chase hits, I just do whatever and sometimes, they turn out to be hits. My intention is just to supply people with good material. Hit or not, OG must be respected."

Just before he released his album, Testimony 1990 a few years ago, a video of his mother blessing the work of his hands to God went viral. It touched many because manz has full support from his family and that is very important for anyone.

“Moms just passed by the studio to get her copy of the Testimony 1990 album, and she was really feeling track number 2 called Blessing. She also prayed for the album to be more successful." He shared

Speaking in an interview, Papa Jones revealed that his mother is in ministry.

 “Yes, I was raised in church. My mother is in the ministry. She is a preacher. Even as we speak, she is still ministering in the church,” said Khaligraph.

Now you see why Papa Jones only has success following him?